Falsedawn - Fantasy-RPG

Gameplay Trailer

Game Features
- Turn-based combat with turns, action points and initiative
- Variety of classes with their own abilities and enemies to go with
- Cinematic cutscene 

Release: School project, Final Project
Type: Action, RPG, Turn-based
Platforms: PC
Team size: 5
Project Length: 6 months
Skill Focus / Responsibilities: Asset creation (2D/3D), UI/UX, level design, game design, music, programming (C#), Cinematography
Engine and Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Trello, Discord, GitHub, Substance Painter, Visual Studio, FLStudio

Summary of Contribution
Game initially kicked off as a clone of Divinity 2 but after deciding that scope would be too large, game was rescoped to be just a turn based combat for a prototype sake. I took part in every part of this creation - from programming, modelling, creating UI, designing 2D sprites, creating the cinematic cutscene and level design. My primary role was an artist in the beginning, however I transitioned into programmer which became my primary role during the majority of the development timeline.