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Unrelenting - Hack N Slash Game for iOS


Summary of Contributions

I was initially part of a team of 3 in the beginning, but they both dropped the course in first 2 weeks. I was able to do all the tasks as a solo developer.

Joined weekly feedback and discussion sessions.

I coded everything from scratch, outsourced some of the assets due to workload in a narrow range of time. 

I also handled the unity store integration and ads.

Release: School project, 2nd year

Type: Action, Hack`n` Slash

Platforms: PC

Team size: 1

Project Length: 3 months

Skill Focus / Responsibilities: Asset creation, level design, game design, music, programming (C#), UI/UX

Engine and Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Visual Studio, FLStudio, UnityAds

Game Features

- Point-and-click combat

- High graphic fidelity

- Basic economy, in which you can earn coins and spend it to get stronger

- Good performance on mobile phones while maintaining a decent graphic quality

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